Apple Cider Toner


This is a continuation of the previous post on the face mask, and is a toner to accompany it.  Like the face mask this toner contains simple ingredients that are easily obtained and can be found in most kitchens.  Let’s get started!

ingredients *witch hazel not pictured


Ingredients/ Apparatus

1 part apple cider vinegar

1 part cold green tea

1 part witch hazel

1 part filtered water

5-6 drops of tea tree essential oil

7-8 drops of lavender essential oil

sanitized spray bottle


mixing glass/bottle

Step 1

Brew a strong cup of green tea.  To do this steep a green tea bag in boiling water for about 15 minutes.  Allow it to cool to room temperature.

Bentley’s green tea

Step 2

While the tea is cooling sanitize a spray bottle by boiling it or with rubbing alcohol.

clean spray bottles

Step 3

Pour equal amounts of the apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, green tea and filtered water into the mixing glass or bottle and stir or shake vigorously until evenly combined.  Add the essential oils to the mixture and stir again.

Step 4

Carefully pour the mixture into the spray bottle using the funnel.  Spray liberally onto face after cleansing and using the mask.  Do this twice a day.

Why this works…

Apple Cider Vinegar: is an antibacterial and also an acid which restores the skin’s pH

Green Tea: anti inflammatory and also provides some degree of sun protection

Witch hazel: astringent that reduces oils on the skin’s surface and calms inflammation

Tea Tree Oil: antibacterial agent, kills acne causing bacteria

Lavender Oil: antibacterial agent


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