DIY: Body Butter

Hello friends! Today I bring you another skincare DIY. This body butter makes a good gift since it can be customized easily by using essential oils or fragrance oils. It is also a simple recipe that only requires 3 ingredients. Let’s get started.

1 tbsp shea butter
2 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp cocoa butter

Optional: fragrance of your choice


small heatproof bowl
shallow bowl
shallow frying pan/skillet
wire whisk
clean container for finished product

Step 1

Obtain a small heat proof bowl and put the measured ingredients into it. Then heat a frying pan with about an inch of water on the stove. This is more convenient than a saucepan of water because the water will boil faster and it’s easier to take the bowl out of a shallow pan without burning yourself.

Step 2

Heat the ingredients until melted, stirring to ensure even heat distribution and to prevent them from burning. After the butters have melted stir in about 10-15 drops of essential oil for fragrance.

Step 3

Prepare an ice bath using a slightly larger bowl filled with ice cubes and a bit of water. This bowl should be shallow to prevent water from getting into the oil mixture. Place the bowl with the melted ingredients into the ice bath and whisk until the mixture becomes creamy. this takes a while but be patient. The final texture should resemble frosting.

Step 4

Once the mixture has thickened and cooled, scoop it into a jar. You can use recycled jam jars, mason jars or old body butter containers. Now your body butter is ready to use or give as a gift. Enjoy!!

The final product



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