Glamour Doll Eyes Review

So recently, last month I discovered an indie makeup brand called Glamour Doll Eyes that specializes in mineral eyeshadow. I ordered the sample jars and baggies in a grab bag so as to get a decent range of colours to experiment with. In this post I will be reviewing the eyeshadows. Hope you find this review helpful!

The grab bags I got included 5 sample jars, 5 sample baggies and a free full-sized product since my order total was over $10.  All the shades I received were very shimmery with a couple of duochrome shadows.

The shadows that came in the grab bag plus the “get with purchase” or GWP; From the top, to the right: Grayson (June 2016 GWP), Fields of Wire, Galalxy Beyond Dreams, Outtie 5000, Radley Prep and Charming Society

Grayson was June’s GWP, a grayish purple tone shimmer.  The colour of the GWP changes every month but you can  buy the past GWPs on the site.  Below are swatches on my bare arm, without primer.

From left to right: Charming Society, Radley Prep, Outtie 5000, Fields of Wire, Galaxy Beyond Dreams, Grayson.

As you can see the colours are very shimmery and nicely pigmented even without a primer.  Being loose pigments however, there is a considerable amount of fallout, so I would recommend doing your eye makeup first if you plan to use these shadows.  There is a decent amount of product in the sample jars but they do not have a sifter, so getting product onto a brush can get tricky.

The sample baggies are a little bit harder to manoeuvre so I decided to press the loose shadow into pans.  Since this was the first time I had pressed eyeshadow, I was nervous about whether the original pigmentation would remain, but fortunately everything turned out fine.

Pressing the pigments definitely reduced the fallout without decreasing the pigmentation, and made it much easier to apply them.  Below are arm swatches without primer.

From left: Not Your Secret, Tattooed Remix, The New Girl, Lost Horizons and Blend x3

Now for a brief overview of the colour selection; in general I was impressed with the variety I received in both my grab bags, 10/10 would buy again.  I personally liked the shimmery/glittery eyeshadow but if your eyelids are wrinkled you may prefer a more matte shadow.  GDE does make matte shades, and I think you can request at least one matte shadow to be included in your grab bag.  I liked the fact that both bright and neutral colours were included because i had enough variety to experiment with different looks.  The colour also lasted fairly well on my eyelids (without primer) when I wore the shadows to an event.  they didn’t fade or start to crease.  Despite being very sparkly, the glitter did not irritate my eyes or “scratch” my eyelids.  Overall they are comfortable and attractive to wear.

Colour Guide

Not Your Secret, powder blue shimmer with a slight purple cast

Tattooed Remix,bright blue shimmer

The New Girl, bright lime green shimmer with blue tones

Lost Horizons, bright pink shimmer with a blueish cast

Blend x3, lilac with rose gold undertones

Charming Society,frosty white with pink and blue duochrome

Radley Prep,warm brown shimmer

Outtie 5000,magenta shimmer with blue cast

Fields of Wire,army green with rainbow glitters

Galaxy Beyond Dreams,black with rainbow chunky glitter

Grayson, cool gray/purple duochrome

Pros and cons of loose pigments

Although they are a bit more tricky to use, loose pigments are a lot more versatile than pressed eyeshadow.  You can include the pigment in a gel eyeliner base to make a bright eyeliner, or in a lip balm recipe to tint it.  You can also make cream blush and highlight using the loose pigments in some medium or just use them in powder form.  You can even mix them with clear nail polish to make a custom colour.  However, there are some cons, aside from the from being more difficult to apply.  Fallout is a big problem especially if you get a bit over exuberant in applying it.  To combat this you can use tissue or a shadow shield to catch the fallout and do your eye makeup before your foundation/concealer.  Loose shadow is also easier to spill or knock over especially if you’re slightly clumsy (like me).  It also tends to blow away if you do your makeup in front of a window on a windy day.  Mica particles in eyeshadow are respiratory irritants so this problem is more than just a minor inconvenience, it’s a health hazard.  Fortunately it is relatively easy to press loose pigments and there are so many tutorials for that online. I’ll try to make one as soon as I get more pans.  They are also less travel friendly than pressed eyeshadow since the little jars they come in take up more space than a flat palette of pressed shadows.

Overall Impression

Overall I was very impressed with the eyeshadow but I woud recommend pressing them if you can.  I definitely would reccomend these to a friend and will probably buy more as soon as I can.  Hope you all enjoyed this review.  Leave a like to see more!


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