Rant: PD classes are triggering, all lives matter and more

As you may or may not know, I (your favorite blogger) am currently a highschool student in Jamaica.  At my highschool, we have a certain subject known as personal development, which is basically a guidance class, it is designed to help us prepare for college, achieve our future goals and is supposed to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere to voice our thoughts and opinions.  It is usually taken by the form supervisor and occasionally, visitors or the guidance counsellor will come to speak about college plans and such.  Unfortunately, I have taken a strong dislike to the teaching method of said teacher, and as a result I leave the class often more irritated and annoyed than when I went in.  Yesterday was one of the more traumatic incidents, and it moved me to write this mini rant because I was actually severely angered and distressed by what went down.  So here’s the scoop…

Recently, a young man from a prominent Jamaican school was stabbed and killed on the bus on his way home from school.  The incident provoked an outcry among members of the community nearest to said school.  My school also staged a “silent protest” in the form of standing on the road to show solidarity with the other kids from the victim’s school.  Now, the sentiment behind this idea is in the right place, but it was not necessarily effective in stopping the random killing of children.  But I digress, solutions for that problem are another post altogether.  Anyway, the topic came up for discussion in PD class, preceded by a short video giving an amusing analogy for the use of “All Lives Matter” in response to “Black Lives Matter”.  Our teacher then proceeded to write “All Lives Matter” on the board with the prompt to discuss.  She then went on to tell us to write an essay based on the prompt on the board.  Now, for us students, PD class is like a “break” from regular classes because we do not normally write extended pieces in this class, since it is mostly discussion based.  You can see then, why we were resentful of her telling us to write an essay that would be collected at the end of class.  To make matters worse, she proceeded to hold a discussion about several topics while simultaneously urging us to “hurry up and write your essays”.  KMT.  Honestly how can you reasonably expect students to concentrate on an essay and participate in a discussion at the same time?  Eventually the topic strayed to the case of a pastor who was with a criminal who turned himself in to the police.  The issue was raised that said pastor had purchased land and had it certified to build a house when in reality he intended to build a church.  So the man breaks the law, builds his church on land certified for a house and basically gets away with it.  Now here’s where it gets triggering and just plain absurd.  Our teacher, who has said to us (and demonstrated) on many occasions that she is a “stickler for rules” was surprised that my classmate referred to this pastor as a crook.  She did not see anything wrong in his actions and said “It’s not a big deal”.  There are so many things wrong with this it would take all the paper in the world to express them all.  The first being that one of  the core values of my school is integrity, the lack of which should not  promoted.  Secondly, she is in a position of authority and it is her role as an educator to, you know, be good people and whatnot.  Think about it, something is very obviously wrong with a teacher telling impressionable teenagers that lying and breaking the law is OK.  So obviously, we the students were protesting and emphasizing the fact that she was defending a crook.  She however was adamant and refused to  accept what we were saying.  The class also got extremely rowdy  since we were all trying to argue with her at once.  Basically, it was complete chaos.

And don’t even get me started on her whole stance on all lives matter.  When she wrote the essay prompt on the board, a student politely and respectfully informed her of the connotations attached to the statement.  She also added that if one uses the statement indiscriminately, people may consider you to  be ignorant, racist or both.  Despite the fact that she nodded and said ok after the student had explained, SHE CONTINUED TO SPOUT HER ALL LIVES MATTER SPIEL!!! Not even an hour after the girl respectfully informed her about the implications of the statement.  Sigh, whaddamess. I also feel like part of the problem is that she doesn’t engage the class effectively so we’re less inclined to pay attention to what she says.  I say this because whenever she asks for our thoughts on something her facial expression is one of stony disinterest.  Clearly that just makes everyone absolutely delighted to share their thoughts with her. *sarcasms intensely*  In general she just comes off like the arctic ocean, cold and constantly salty.  The saddest part is that she teaches a subject that requires a lot of logical thinking  and she has demonstrated   upon multiple occasions that she is incapable of doing that.

I’m sorry if  rant came off as overly salty but it was just weighing on my mind so I figured writing it would make it piss me off less.  Thanks for bearing with me!!!





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